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The Box
What's in  ?
In every box, the contents are specially sourced to encourage play and creativity while stimulating certain senses. Some items may appear futile but can result in a fundamental discovery of ‘cause and effect’ for a child, hence developing the stepping stones to problem solving, creative play and imagination. When the child interacts with all the items in the box and applies all his senses through the form of play, he stimulates a sixth sense; what we term as the sense of play. This sense of play is the most basic form of play and yet often neglected. 


What’s in the toolkits?

Your child can experience sensory play through our specially sourced tools in our toolkits which will allow your child to extend the play and learning possibilities. Sit back and observe your child play and notice how he/she chooses to investigate and discover the sensory box using the tools! Get your toolkit FREE by subscribing to our 6 or 12 months package.