5 benefits to have your little one learning about dinosaurs

5 benefits to have your little one learning about dinosaurs

Many of our little ones have developed an obsession for dinosaurs, they read books on dinosaurs, watch videos about them, and even wish for dinosaur toys for Christmas! Do you know that this keen interest in dinosaurs is actually a great learning phase for them? Here are a few reasons why kids love dinosaurs and why it’s beneficial.


  1. Dinosaurs are safe

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The expression ‘You should never meet your heroes’ is usually used on celebrities, but it is the same for little kids. Imagine a child who is fascinated by the majestic lion - His/her parents organised a trip to the zoo so the child can see lions in real life. When the lion appeared, it let out a ferocious roar, which terrified the child, now the child feels a little fear whenever he/she hears about the lion.

Dinosaurs no longer exist, so children are less likely to develop genuine fear when learning about them as they will not get to see one in real life, however ferocious one might be. Unimpeded by fear, your child can learn to his/her heart’s content!


  1. Dinosaurs drive imagination

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As you will never get to see one in real life, and nobody even knows what colour they are, much is left to the imagination of a child how a dinosaur looks like. While we do know quite a fair bit about dinosaurs, yet there is still so much more we have yet to learn about them.

  1. Dinosaurs are powerful learning tools

With so many different types of dinosaurs to learn about, being obsessed with dinosaurs encourages your child to read more, watch more and learn more. With tons of learning resources out there, parents are spoilt for choice when looking to engage their children with dinosaurs.


  1. Develop lifelong skills

One of the most common cognitive skills involved in learning about dinosaurs is classification, they can classified by timeline, diet, size, genus, habitats and more. Even when your child eventually lose interest in dinosaurs as they grow, they do not lose the knowledge of classification.


  1. Early introduction to scientific concepts

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Learning about dinosaurs allows children to learn basic concepts such as predator vs prey, use of specific body parts for specific functions, herbivores vs carnivores etc.

We hope your child is already in love with dinosaurs and learning all he/she can about them, if not, we will share with you in the next blog post some ways you can engage your little one with the world of dinosaurs.