Hari Raya Themed Sensory Activity

Hari Raya Themed Sensory Activity

Hey all,

Hari Raya is approaching, what better way to get the little ones in the festive mood than some sensory play?

Dye some rice green and/or yellow

colour rice

This will form the base of the sensory bean, alternatively, you can use barley beans or a mixture of green beans and soya/mung beans if you do not have food colouring.


Mix them up

Mix the green and yellow rice  in a tray or sensory bin. Use some blocks to create a Mosque or a relative's home.


Ketupat Craft

To make the Ketupat craft, first cut a square from a green packet.

Create a checkered pattern using square-shaped post-it tabs or paper

Cut 2 long strips from green packets of different colours and staple to the back of the checkered square

Put it all together

Add the Ketupat craft to the sensory bin, along with figurines and some pretty shapes. Fairy lights add a dramatic effect to the setup and are optional. Allow your child to explore freely.


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