Objection Recognition Activity (For 1 - 3 years)

Objection Recognition Activity (For 1 - 3 years)

Hey all, here's a simple activity inspired by Marshall from PAW Patrol that you can work on with your child, the targeted skills are:

- Object recognition i.e. what is this?
- Problem-solving i.e. is this what marshall would wear?
- Fine motor development in terms of wrist strength and finger dexterity i.e. gripping the tip of post-it note and then pulling it off

Print out the template which you can download for free from this download link: Marshall Post-it Activity

Paste a post-it note over each square

Make sure every square is covered by a post-it note

Have child lift up a post-it note/flap and identify the item that is revealed. Decide if it would be something that Marshall would wear or use.

If the item is something that Marshall would not wear or use, release the post-it so the square is covered again.

At the end of the activity, some of the post-it flaps would have been removed and some would not.