Penny the Panda (Storytelling and sensory play)

Penny the Panda (Storytelling and sensory play)

We wanted to create a sensory play theme suitable for toddlers aged 1 to 2+ years old. Pandas make a great choice for this as they are cute and comprise of just 2 colours, making it extremely easy for toddlers to recognise and relate to.


We created a craft activity and two sensory activities, then tie it all together with a short story. Do check out the videos below, we have also included the link to purchase the sensory play kit at the end of this post.

As toddlers under the age of two have not developed the fine-motor skills required to paint with a brush, we utilised a different method of applying paint. By 'dotting' the paint onto one side of the canvas, then printing the paint onto the other side with the action of smacking, it is an extremely fun activity that is bound to have your little one giggling. 


Babies aren't very picky eaters, but as they grow, they tend to be, and it is an uphill struggle to get them to eat their greens with all the junk food available out there. What we did here is some positive association, by means of a playdough colour matching activity. Through a fun activity, we introduce vegetables to our little ones in an interesting light.



Sensory bags are commonly used for calming, but did you know that we can include them in games as well? We used the sensory bag to play a little hide and seek in this video, it is very easy to prepare and can be adapted in many different ways. 

 You can download the printable for the animal mats here


Now that we have completed our craft, learnt about vegetables and played hide and seek. It's time to tie up all the activities with a story telling session. The story doesn't have to be very long, so long as it includes all the activities in the narratives to help our little ones make sense of the activities they have done. In the future, you can easily recall these activities by telling the story again.


We hope you get inspired by the videos above! If you'd like to get the materials for the featured activities, we have packed them together into a convenient sensory play kit for you! Click here to check it out.


If you would like to go further and create a panda themed sensory play party or any other themes, check out Busy Tables - our sister brand that provides children's play services!