Sensory Play Resources

Sensory Play Resources

In this page, you will find sensory play related videos and resources

Giant Sensory Play Setup: Jack & the Beanstalk


Tutorial: Make your own marshmallow slime

Tutorial: Make your own playdough 

Giant Sensory Play Setup: The three little pigs

6 Ways to add shaving foam to your sensory play

Ice and glitter sensory play activity

 Simple yet fun activity you can prepare for your kids at home

Items needed:

  • Toys
  • Containers to fit the toys in
  • Blue and purple food dye (Just a few drops)
  • Ice cube trays
  • Little trinkets to place in the ice cube trays, we used pom pom balls, stars and little plastic stones
  • Glitter powder
  • Lukewarm water

Note: A few hours in the freezer will suffice, if the toys are completely frozen, it might take the child longer to melt the ice.

Finger tracing sensory activity

This is a follow up to our glitter & ice sensory activity video, after 'rescuing' the characters from the ice blocks, you can progress to this penmanship activity


Forest maze sensory tub

Make storytelling sessions more interesting with this simple sensory activity. Your child can keep his/her hands busy and reenact the scenes from your narrative. This setup is suitable for fairytales or children stories set in a forest. ie; Little red riding hood, or hansel and gretel.

Animal hide and seek sensory tub

 An easy sensory setup you can do for younger kids 12 - 18 months, you can make use of this setup to share the concepts of colours, prepositions and more.

Counting with squirrel sensory activity

Practise counting with your child during play with this simple yet fun sensory activity. You can even add more realism to the tub by adding some dried leaves or flowers.

Riverbank sensory tub

Simple to setup, and works as a great supplementary activity when teaching your child about animal habitats. With the river and riverbank clearly divided, your child will be able to easily visualise and imagine the animals and other living things in their natural habitat.

Airport themed sensory activity

 Meaningful activities can be created with the simplest materials, and many activities can be facilitated using a single setup. Today we explore the idea of an airport and introduce some fine-motor and time-telling activities to our little one.


Bookmark and check this space often for more sensory play ideas and resources!