Setting up for your child to learn about dinosaurs

Setting up for your child to learn about dinosaurs

In our previous blog post, we shared some benefits of letting your little one learn about dinosaurs. In this post, we will share some tips to help set your child up to learn about dinosaurs.

As we know, intense interest in dinosaurs allows your child to develop many learning milestones as curiousity is one of the main driver towards the first steps of learning. Learning about dinosaurs provides scores of that as even modern science has yet to learn everything there is to the prehistoric world

The key is to sustain this interest in dinosaurs, feeding them the information and fun they need without burning them out with too much information, ie; exploring all the lineages of Ceratopsians.

There are a few ways our child can learn about dinosaurs:

1) Reading

child reading in library

Most children's first encounter with dinosaurs are through books, colourful illustrations depicting grand beasts that you don't find anywhere around you. And there's just something about the long names that kids can't quite get their tongue around (Literally). 

Make frequent visits to the library, there is a plethora of books about dinosaurs, each featuring different dinosaurs and time periods. Before you know it, your child may actually developed a passion for reading right there, and those couldn't-get-your-tongue-around names - Phonics 101.


2) Videos

child watching video

While there is much to learn from books, we cannot neglect the role of videos as well, as dinosaurs have not existed in a long time, it is not easy for little ones to imagine the world they live in, and how they lead their lives. 

Filmmakers have put in time and effort to create life-like videos that place the lens in an imagined land of dinosaurs. In this videos, children get to see what dinosaurs are thought to look like and how they act like. The next time they open a book, the words are going to create vivid images in their mind, it's an imagination engine!

But do put in some time to screen through each video before showing it to your child, there are as many time-wasters out there as there are educational videos! For a start, you can consider productions from big and experienced studios such as BBC and National Geographic


3) Toys

child playing with dinosaur toys

Through reading and videos, our children are fed information on what dinosaurs are, what they look like, how they act. But it is through toys that they channel the full spectrum of their imagination, having multiple dinosaur figurines allow them to mimic the interaction between dinosaurs, whether it’s a chase between predator and prey, or a family of triceratops grazing the greens. It is all up to their imagination. Throw in some scenery accessories such as trees, rocks, or even better, some sensory element such as brown goop to depict mud, and your child will be engaged in hours of imaginative play!