Shaving Cream Exploration Activities

Shaving Cream Exploration Activities

Seriously. If you have just a whisper of wanting to try this sensory play, I urge you to grab your husband’s shaving cream (sorry, dad) and get started today.


Shaving cream is an amazing messy-sensory material for children to explore with. Shaving cream provides an experience that uses all five senses of touch, sight, smell, sound and even taste (though tasting is not encouraged!). Besides, it is also a textural wonderland that changes and reforms in your hands. Adding colour enables swirls and patterns to form and burying and hiding toys in the foam adds to the sense of discovery and play. Most importantly, shaving cream encourages children to manipulate and mould materials, building their fine motor skills and coordination.


Every child needs experiences that match his/her development, and a simple exploration activity with shaving cream is perfect if your child is ready. When introducing new sensory fillers to your child for the first time, refrain from instructing your child on what to do with the product except to clarify that it is something to play with – not something to eat or throw. Other than making sure they do not eat or throw it, simply watch to see what they do with it. Good adult supervision consists of observing and encouraging self-initiated experiments that correspond to reasonable limits of play.


As it is commonly observed, some children are ready to plunge in and try anything while others are shy. If your child is too hesitant initially, you may let your child watch you explore a blob of shaving foam first. Simply encourage them that it is perfectly alright to pinch it, poke it, pound it, and so on. Children are excellent at reading adult cues and imitating our actions. Since some children have learnt to avoid getting messy, show them how easy it is to clean up shaving foam sprayed on the floor. At times, they might just be practising how to clean up shaving cream at first and that is perfectly okay too – it still constitutes as learning. If after a few attempts your child is still very hesitant about attempting to play with a new sensory filler, it may be best to wait and try it again each week/month until you feel comfortable with your child’s responses.


As such, we have listed 6 comprehensive exploratory activities (recipes included) involving shaving cream you can do with your child. These activities range from no-mess to messy play so what are you waiting for? Who knows?  You and your child could come up with more activities than those depicted here!

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