Using Giraffes as a theme for play and learning

Using Giraffes as a theme for play and learning

When selecting a theme for your child's play and learning, it can be useful to focus on something that has a special property, such as elephants with their trunks, frogs that can hop, and in this case, giraffes and their long necks.

Having a special property allows us to create activities that highlight these feature(s) and also allows young children to have a focal point that they can commit to memory easily.

Here are some activities we did for the current theme!

We started off with a simple craft activity that not only is fun to make, but it also gives your little one a little prop he/she can use for future activities.



For the sensory element, we made a little 3d model. This activity will give your child immense pride as at first glance, it does not seem like an easy task. But by breaking the giraffe down into basic shapes, it is actually pretty easy.


We hope you get inspired by the videos above! If you'd like to get the materials for the featured activities, we have packed them together into a convenient sensory play kit for you! Click here to check it out.


If you would like to go further and create a Giraffe themed sensory play party or any other themes, check out Busy Tables - our sister brand that provides children's play services!