(Cars) Creative Play – My Messy Box

(Cars) Creative Play

Activity – Technique: Car Sponge Painting


Part 1: Preparing the area and displaying the art canvas


As with any art-based activity, ensure that all surface areas have been covered with a plastic sheet or reusable table cloth. We recommend that you designate one table cloth to be the art work cloth. This sends a signal to the child that the upcoming activity follows a different set of rules from the sensory play activity.


cars creative setup


Always display materials currently needed by the child to complete the art activity. Be sure not to clutter the work area with excessive materials.


Other things to have prepared in your art work area:

  • Drying area: Artwork to be left to dry in this area
  • Hand towel: This is to wipe any messes/accidents along the way, as well as for child to wipe his/her hands at any time during the art process



Part 2: Preparing your child and yourself


For your child:

  • If you do not wish for your child to get paint on his/her home clothes, have an art frock or apron readily hanging nearby for your child to easily access.



For yourself:

  • Expect the area to be a tad bit messy during the process.
  • Be ready to clean up together with your child after the activity.



Part 3: Facilitating the art experience


Before starting the activity, you may wish to introduce your child to the various art materials needed for the activity. Materials include: car shaped craft bag, beauty blender, yellow paint, blue paint, puncher, cotton buds and white stickers. Be sure to point out any safety aspects of sharp or unfamiliar objects if any. To start off, you may wish to have your child watch how you lay out the car cut-outs on old newspapers or scrap papers before pouring paint onto the cars. To start off, you may let your child identify the different paint colours on the cars. Next, you may let your child practise using the beauty blender to paint on pieces of scrap paper first before doing it on the cars eventually. This is a pre-activity process that creates excitement in your child for the activity.


The steps for the art activity are as follows:

  • Place the car cut-outs on old newspapers/scrap papers with the taped side facing down, pour paint on the cars and feel mix to mix the paints.
  • Allow child to paint the cars using the provided beauty blender, leave aside to dry.
  • Making the wheels: Paste one white circle in the middle of each black circle.
  • Glue the wheels to the cars.
  • Apply glue to the back of each car and paste onto the printed background.


With regard to parents who may lack some of the materials like the car cut-outs, you may refer to the downloadable provided below and cut out the outlines accordingly and have it ready for your art activity.


(insert video to show how activity is done)


Refer to part 3 of previous activity for different ways that you can prompt your child during this art activity. You may also use this activity performance checklist to help guide you better when facilitating your child during this experience.


Downloadable of activity performance checklist: cars creative activity performance checklist


Lesson 4: Displaying your child’s artwork


Displaying your child’s artwork is an important part to the entire process as it shows how much you, as their parent, value their exploration processes. He/she will then learn to take pride in his/her work.


There are various ways that you can display your child’s artwork:

  • Photo frame
  • Pasted on a dedicated wall for their artwork





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