National Day

National Day

 Printables download link:

Places of attraction printable

All about Singapore printable

Words printable

Introduction: Singapore Feely Bag Activity




1. Recognise the various items as varying symbols of Singapore

2. Recognise the properties of the Singapore flag


· Place all items into the pouch

· Alternatively, you may print and cut out the ‘All about Singapore’ printable provided



· Prompt child to place hand into the pouch and grab one item from the pouch without looking

·If your child grabbed the:


1. Singapore flag

· Prompt child to identify the properties of the flag

· What colours do you see on the Singapore flag?

· How many stars are there?

· How many moons are there?

· After discussing, proceed to grab the next item


2. Merlion magnet/figurine

· Observe the Merlion and describe its physical characteristics: head that resembles a lion and tail that resembles a fish

· Explain that the Merlion is not a real animal

· After discussing, proceed to grab the next item

· With the remaining items, use them as loose parts that can be manipulated to form the Singapore flag

· Pouch

· Merlion magnet/figurine

· Fake orchid flower

· Small Singapore flag

· Glow in the dark stars and moon

· Any red cloth

· Any white cloth

· All about Singapore printable (optional)


Focused Activity: Word Scramble




1. Identify letter ‘s’ as the beginning letter of the word ‘Singapore’

2. Strengthen basic letter recognition skills


· Print and cut out the ‘Singapore’ word card

· Alternatively, you may write it out on a piece of paper for your child to refer to later during the activity

· Write each letter of the word ‘Singapore’ on a post-it respectively i.e. You should have 9 post-its with a letter each on it

· Paste these post-its on an empty wall at a height that your child can reach



· Show your child the ‘Singapore’ word card

· Point out how the word begins with the letter ‘s’ and makes the ssss sound

·  Then, prompt child to pick out the post-it letters from the wall and arrange them in order to form the word ‘Singapore’

· Your child can do this by referring to the word card that you have showed earlier

·  To strengthen your child’s listening skills, say out the individual letters for your child to arrange

· ‘Singapore’ word card

· Coloured post-its

· Marker


Bonus Challenge: Words in word




1. Build on basic word recognition skills


· Print and cut out the word cards from the printable provided

· Alternatively, you may write out the respective words on pieces of paper with a black pen/marker



· Show your child one word card at a time (these words are formed from the word ‘Singapore’)

· Using the letters from the word ‘Singapore’, invite your child to form the word printed on the card and read it aloud

· Repeat for the other word cards

· Word cards printable

· Coloured post-its (from Focused Activity)


Sensory Play: Places around Singapore




1. Understand that Singapore, like any other country, has its own iconic places of attraction

Activity 1: Make the cloud dough

· Invite your child to make the cloud dough

· Pour 4 cups of flour into an empty basin or container

· Then pour ½ cup of vegetable oil

· Mix until well combined (the mixture should be crumbly)


Activity 2:

· Print and cut out the pictures from the ‘Places of Attraction’ printable

· Stick them onto skewer sticks, like how you would do for stick puppets

· Show your child the different places of attraction and discuss shared experiences of going to these places

· If your child has yet to go a place of attraction, describe what it was like for you when you visited it or show him/her videos of the place


Activity 3:

· Prompt your child to make different ‘sandcastles’ using the moulds and cloud dough made earlier

· These ‘sandcastles’ will represent one place of attraction each so have your child choose an attraction skewer stick from the previous activity and stick it upright into a ‘sandcastle’

· Repeat for the other attraction skewer sticks

· Basin/container

· Flour

· Vegetable oil

· Skewer sticks

· Tape

· Places of attraction printable

· Moulds/Sandcastle toys

· Scooper