(Test) Introduction

(Test) Introduction

Theme Introduction


Before the start of any theme, dedicating time to engage in some tuning-in activities can bring great benefit to both you and your child especially in later activities in this theme. Tune-in activities allow you to assess your child’s thoughts, feelings and understanding he/she has of the current theme. At the same time, activities of this type can help your child personally connect to the theme and hence providing him/her with a base for imitating, representing, playing and replaying newly acquired knowledge.


The suggested tune-in activity for this theme is to read the book “Mighty, Mighty Construction Site” by Sherri Dusker Rinker. Click here for a read-aloud version of this book.


To complement this book-reading activity, here are two activities that you can complete together with your child. The third downloadable is a construction vehicles flashcard set.


  1. Letter ‘c’ fun: 


  1. Shadow Matching with Construction Vehicles: 


  1. Construction vehicles flashcards set: 



  • Toys/Materials used in the above activities are interchangeable with others that you may have at home


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