August themes of the month – My Messy Box

August themes of the month

Hope everyone's coping well as we approach the new norm of staying at home.  

Do remember that each box now also comes with MMB Access, the exclusive online an exclusive online resource for parents, designed by our specialists, to further reap benefits of each box for their child. Here's how you can access in case you have forgotten

Explorers Box (approx. 12-18 months old)

Feature play: Create your orange carrot themed sensory bag with water beads

Sensory play: Have fun manipulating these taste-safe orange jumbo pasta, enjoy a parent-child slotting activity!

Colour play: Create a mess-free carrot painting, your child will get to see how yellow and red mixes into orange

Discoverers Box (approx. 19-24 months old) 

Starter: Who's ready for some puppet play? Grab the tiger puppet and let's feed the tiger. In this activity, your child will identify the correct food item described in the word card and feed it to the tiger

Sensory Play: Have your own tea party with a special guest: The tiger! See how the tea bag changes the colour of the water and have tons of fun pouring and serving tea

Creative Play: Messy shaving foam? Check. Beautiful marbling colours? Check. Awesome tiger cut-out? Check. Give the tiger some colours in this beautiful foam marbling art


Adventurers Box (2-3 years old) 

Starter: In this activity, your child will get to invite his favourite family and friends to a pizza party. Learn how to split the pizza among the guests evenly and role play as a pizza server / customer!

Sensory Play: Make your own pizza! We've got dough-coloured dough and red/yellow dough to create your own toppings. Once you're done making the pizza, pop it in the 'oven' before serving it!

Creative Play: Check out the pretty pizza box, it's really easy to make this ornamental pizza craft. Try to let your child do this independently.

Bloomers Box (3 years and up)

Theme: Mouse Paint 


Starter: Knowing your shapes is easy, but activities involving shapes aren't neccessarily so. Introduce your child to the tangram and all the fun images you can create with it.

Sensory Play: It's clumpy, it's solid, it's powdery, it's soft. Check out the unique properties of cloud dough.

Creative Play: Sponge printing is no easy feat for little fingers, but your child's creativity when doing this just might surprise you.


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Hang on tight, and happy playing!