Sensory Play for Babies - My Messy Box Most Popular Sensory Bins

Sensory Play for Babies - My Messy Box Most Popular Sensory Bins

Over the years, we have had such a blast curating many many many sensory bins for children and parents alike. Looking back, these have been our top 3 crowd favourites, and we are going to show you how to do it. 

  • The Water Run 

Children were superbly engaged with this sensory bin – they either would not budge from it or kept coming back to play with it more.

The Water Run was initially created out of the sheer need to utilise our marble run toy. We then added a mini water jug or two, as well as some figurines.

Here, we’ve gone with dinosaur figurines that are also popular characters among the little ones. To add some pizzazz to the sensory play experience, you can add some food colouring to the water.

As you can see, it all starts from finding 1 old toy lying around your home, and then adding a little bit of imagination to create an unforgettable sensory play experience for your child. 


  • Tea with Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is surely an influencer by child standards. We first curated this bin upon a special request and since then, the Tea with Peppa Pig bin has never failed to get the kids excited.  

Only with this bin will you see your child as a Peppa Pig expert while they proudly announce a flawless roll-call of all the characters and their family members. You can bet they have it down to pat! 


Here, we put together the sensory bin with rainbow macaroni. Then, we threw in a couple of Peppa Pig characters and a tea set for the fun of it. Enjoy your cuppa with Peppa! 

  • Alien City Fun

This bin took us by surprise. When setting this up, we underestimated how popular this could be with children. Evidently, we didn’t have time to snap the initial set-up but thankfully, we managed to snap the aftermath so we can now share this with you. 

For this sensory bin, we used a mix of black beans and soya beans. Since we were going with the theme ‘Alien City’, we included some wooden alien threading toys and our prized IO blocks, along with some interesting beakers and spoons. Of course, since there is some construction involved, those wheelbarrows just had to be included!


The best part about these sensory play activities is that they not only keep your child delighted and engaged, your child can train a myriad of developmental skills such as cognitive, literacy, numeracy, fine motor, creativity skills and more! 

No time to set these up but still want the benefits for your child? Consider a My Messy Box subscription--they come up with all needed materials and instructions according to the theme of the month. Check them out here.

Meanwhile, happy playing!