Box 1 of the prehistoric collection – My Messy Box

Box 1 of the prehistoric collection

In the first box of the prehistoric collection, we traverse the lands to learn more about the Stegosaurus, below is a sneak peek to the activities you can find inside box 1 of the prehistoric collection

Activity: Dinosaur tangram


Create various dinosaur tangrams using hints from our puzzle sheets, or are you able to model one directly off the Stegosaurus figurine?


Measuring Cubes

 numeracy cube

Learn about measuring length of various items with the numeracy cube activity


Explore the dynamics of predator vs prey in the sensory activity

predator vs prey

 Explore the eating habits of a Stegosaur and how it protects itself from its natural predator - The Allosaurus


Clumpy Cloud Dough

clump cloud dough

The texture of the cloud dough acts well as terrain, its properties of being able to clump into shapes when squeezed makes it a very fun material for children to work with.


Realistic figurines

realistic figurines

Add a dose of realism with these finely detailed accessories


Let the fun last beyond playtime with the Stegosaur paperweight craft


Create your very own Stegosaurus paper weight!

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