Box 2 of the prehistoric collection – My Messy Box

Box 2 of the prehistoric collection

In the second box of the prehistoric collection, we dive into the oceans to learn more about the Plesiosaur, below is a sneak peek to the activities you can find inside box 2 of the prehistoric collection

Activity: Plesiogrids

Create various models with the magnet rods using the grid guides, or are you able to model one with reference to the Plesiosaur figurine?


Fishing Spinosaur


Guide the Spinosaur to hunt for its food in the Spinosaur sensory activity


Explore the dynamics of predator vs prey in the sensory activity


Take into the waters with the plesiosaur and consider how it uses its long neck to its advantage when hunting for prey


Plesiosaur Figurine

plesiosaur figure

Add a dose of reality with a large plesiosaur figurine


Fine-motor practice


Try picking things up with these hand-tipped tweezers


Let the fun last beyond playtime with the Spinosaurus Mosaic Clay Craft


Create your very own Spinosaurus mosaic clay craft!


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