Box 3 of the prehistoric collection – My Messy Box

Box 3 of the prehistoric collection

In the third box of the prehistoric collection, put on your mittens as we brave to ice age, below is a sneak peek to the activities you can find inside box 3 of the prehistoric collection

Activity: Geoboards


Geoboards make for an excellent cognitive learning activity, follow the guide cards to make various shapes and objects, and finally take on the ultimate challenge to recreate the mammoth image


Fishing Spinosaur

 instant snow

What's an ice age themed activity without something that's actually cold? Dig into the instant snow we specially imported from the U.S.. Cool and fluffy to the touch - the perfect sensory experience.


Explore the dynamics of predator vs prey in the sensory activity


Consider the harsh environment early humans faced during the ice age and how creatures like the mammoth evolved to survive the cold.


Mammoth Figurine

mammoth figurine

Add a dose of reality with a large mammoth figurine


Let the fun last beyond playtime with the Mammoth Sling Bag

mammoth bag

Create your very own large Mammoth design sling bag!


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