Box 4 of the prehistoric collection – My Messy Box

Box 4 of the prehistoric collection

In the final box of the prehistoric collection, we return to the present to consider the various ways we are learning about Dinosaurs, below is a sneak peek to the activities you can find inside box 4 of the prehistoric collection

Activity: Museum Tour Itinerary

museum itinerary

It all starts at the museum, as the guide, setup and plan the tour for the visitors


Fishing Spinosaur

 museum tour

Paint/decorate the peg dolls in likeness of your family or your favourite characters, conduct the tour for the characters according to the itinerary


Explore the dynamics of predator vs prey in the sensory activity

coloured rice

Add a dash of whimsical fun and colour to the monotonous museum with the coloured rice sensory base


Digging for fossils

digging fossil

A parent-child sensory game where parent plant the fossil pieces deep into the coloured dough and you child can dig them out using the various tools provided


Fossil Figurine

fossil figurine

Using the pieces dug out from the dough, put them together to form the dinosaur fossil figurine and display it in the museum!


Let the fun last beyond playtime with the Groovy fossil art

fossil craft

Create a unique souvenir for the gift shop - The groovy fossil art!


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