This Extended Circuit-breaker, Why is a Home-based Playgroup What Your Child Needs?

This Extended Circuit-breaker, Why is a Home-based Playgroup What Your Child Needs?

Parents, you have good news and bad news! Good news? The June school holidays have been brought forward into this circuit-breaker, which means you can finally catch your breath when the little ones (are scheduled to) return to childcare come June. 

The bad news, however, is that you’re still going to have to juggle putting on your Teacher, Parent and Entertainer hats plus more, for at least another month! 


It suffices to say that the current pandemic has been teaching us many lessons. One of them being that your child’s learning does not and cannot stop outside the classroom! Playgroups have long been a popular way for early childhood facilitators to guide play-learning in little ones. And while you can’t bring your child out to attend one right now, having one at home is very much possible--as long as you have the proper guidance from experienced educators. 

Here are a few reasons why a home-based playgroup is what your child needs right now: 

  • It is a highly effective way of introducing your child to important fundamental concepts 

  • Let’s take literacy and geometry, for example. Would you learn better if:

    a) Someone came up to you and recited a list of shapes
    b) Someone set a time and place, with materials and colourful visuals for fun activities where you can see, touch and attempt to identify shapes, and engage in these activities together with the person?

    We don’t doubt that there might be people out there who truly prefer the former, but little ones in the developmental stage definitely learn better with the latter! What many people forget is that such activities are actually doable at home, with resources as simple as a printer.


  • It engages your child and retains their focus in learning 

  • Professionally designed playgroups fully incorporate things that little ones adore, such as their favourite storybook-reading, sensory tubs where they can touch and feel objects freely, eye-catching visuals and more. All of this engages them, which in turn motivates them to stay focused on the activity at hand. The important part here, is to make sure to have the guidance of trained education specialists, so that the resources and curriculum designed are properly based on play-learning. 

  • You no longer have to travel, rely on stock materials or wait for deliveries 

  • The beautiful thing about taking that step to independently host home-based playgroups for your child is that you no longer have to make dreary plans to rush out of the house with stroller and baby in tow, panic-buy play-learning materials nor wait around for your materials to be delivered!

    Online courses like the Fun@Home home-based playgroup course are specifically designed by education specialists to include resources like videos and worksheets, as well as the incorporation of other materials that you can often find within the home. 

    Parents, we know it’s really, really hard juggling this parenting thing, but seize the opportunity for a challenge this extended circuit-breaker and level-up yourself with sensory play skills! They will go a long way for your little one.

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    Meanwhile, stay safe, and happy playing!