July Themes of the Month – My Messy Box

July Themes of the Month

Just a few weeks back in our last Themes of the Month post, we were reigning in the start of Phase 1. And now, we're already into our second week of Phase 2! 

Some parents might have concerns about a resurgence of cases that punctuates the further laxing of restrictions, others might be happy to finally be able to bring the family out, and some might have each foot dipped in both lakes. 

Whichever side you're on, it's always best to stay calm and vigilant, as well as be respectful and considerate to one another while making sure life goes on. 

Which brings us to our next point - do make sure that your child's play-learning is still going strong! We always tell parents that to TRULY reap the benefits of sensory play, a child has to engage in it habitually and frequently. Luckily, we've got the materials sorted out for you.  

Did you know, each box now also comes with MMB Access, the exclusive online an exclusive online resource for parents, designed by our specialists, to further reap benefits of each box for their child? Watch this video to see what's in our boxes for July, and get a sneak peek of MMB Access:

Explorers Box (approx. 12-18 months old)

Theme: The Colour Red 

Feature play: Allow your little one to engage in Free Exploration with the 'Treasure Basket', which contains all kinds of red items and tactile materials. Guided play instructions are included too! 

Sensory play: Make your very own sensory bag with gel and 'apple' pom pom balls, then watch your little one engage their senses and coordination skills while trying to push the apples around! 

Colour play: Now that your child has familiarised with apples and their connection with the colour red, allow them to explore further with Colour Play. This activity involves stamping red paint and making an apple garland!

Discoverers Box (approx. 19-24 months old) 

Theme: Put out The Fire 


Starter: Using cups, stickers, a small ball and a little bit of imagination, your child will play a little game of "putting out the fire" while stacking cups and reciting numbers - perfect for warming up coordination and numeracy skills! 

Sensory Play: Using the materials provided to put together different shapes and sizes of "buildings", your child will use the nifty fire extinguisher water spray to "put out" the fiery red shaving cream in the neighbourhood! Will they save the day?

Creative Play: Time to further boost your child's creativity and fine motor skills by engaging in the fire engine craft with the unique no-mess painting method. How will their fire engine look like?


Adventurers Box (2-3 years old) 

Theme: Ladybug

Starter: How's this for strengthening eye-hand coordination? Hand one of the buttons to your child and challenge them to slot them into the ladybug box. Next, they will progress to buttoning the button slips onto our dear Ms Felt Cloth Ladybug! 

Sensory Play: The sensory play here presents plenty of opportunities for both guided and independent play. Have your child try to find 'letter sticks' in the soil sensory base and engage in literacy fun, then allow them to explore the remaining materials like tiny ladybugs, flowers and more!

Creative Play: Your little Adventurer will craft their very own ladybug with a bowl, washi tape, black finger ink stamp, red foam paper and more. Want to see how it's done? Check out the full-coloured instruction sheets!  

Bloomers Box (3 years and up)

Theme: Mouse Paint 


*inspired by the book authored by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Starter: There are fabulous options to play with both LIGHT and WATER here! Watch how light paddles to dark corners while experimenting with the torchlight and more, or engage in water colour play to identify the primary colours and attempt to mix secondary colours. 

Sensory Play: Here, there are plenty of opportunities for literacy boosts as your child digs into the sensory experience of mixing colours with the white mouse, identifying real-life connections with the colours, describing what they see and feel, and more. 

Creative Play: Invite your little Picasso to design their own painting by mixing different coloured paints on the canvas with a no-mess method. They will then go on to use their fine-motor skills to craft the mice onto the background, and have their very own unique mouse painting to display! 


When we asked parents how they felt about Phase 2, many of them expressed the wish to retain lessons they have learnt during the circuit-breaker, such as the way they facilitate their child's learning, into the new normal. What about you? Are you managing to do so?

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Hang on tight, and happy playing!