This June, what's in store for your child in My Messy Box?

This June, what's in store for your child in My Messy Box?

Hey all, June is here and we are looking forward to more messy and educational fun with this month's themes! This month is also special as it spans the entire school holidays.

Explorers (12-18 months)

Theme: Purple house

Highlights: Our little explorers will get to build simple structure to play a game with the little mouse, a simple mess-free sensory activity where they can do pretend-play with purple pompoms and wares. And make art with the therapeutic mess-free tape-resist craft!


Discoverers (19-24 months)

Theme: Pretty flowers

Highlights: Bring your child on a nature walk and spot some flowers! Then do some fun counting and colour sorting activities with our starter pack, create a beautiful flower popsicle craft and dig into the colourful rice garden tub!


Adventurers (2 - 3 years old)

Theme: All about planes

Highlights: Have you been to the airport lately? Get to know more about planes with the wooden plane puzzle activity, make a plane diorama and dig into the Plane & sago sensory activity.

BONUS: To jump onto the Jewel @ Changi bandwagon, we will be sending to you via email a holiday activity which you can do with your child when visiting the airport!


Bloomers (3-4 years old)

Theme: To the moon and back

Highlights: Experts will take a closer look at the moon and recreate the craters in the moon crater craft, we will then explore the cause of these craters and attempt to recreate it. Lastly, we will reimagine man's landing on the moon in the moon landing sensory activity


Experts (4 years and up)

Theme: Deep in space

Highlights: Bloomers get a chance to imagine what space looks like and create a space collage using........a toothbrush?!?! Next, we make a simple balloon rocket before diving into the black space sensory tub......


We hope you will enjoy this month's themes! The school holidays are here and we will be following up with more exciting content, stay tuned!

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