My Messy Box April 2020 Themes

My Messy Box April 2020 Themes

Is everyone doing okay? 

Many things have changed over the past few months, including additions to our lexicon, with lovely acronyms like SHN, WFH and CO..... .... you get the drift. 

As many Gen X millennials are screaming about being bored and stuck at home, we can only imagine how parents, who have to stay indoors with children, are struggling to keep their little ones occupied. 

Not to worry--here are the themes of April's sensory play boxes that you can look forward to, stimulate and inspire your child at home: 

Explorers Box (approx. 12-18 months old)

Theme: The Colour Green

Feature play: Using the green frog hand and finger puppets, have an adorable Daddy/Mommy Frog + Baby Frog moment as you sing the Little Green Frog song and engage in dramatisation prompts together. 

Sensory play: Water play will never NOT be a favourite amongst young ones! Lots of tactile experiences here as your Little Explorer identifies items in the "pond" (water-based sensory tub) and explores the squirting frog toy. 

Colour play: Your Little Explorer will design their very own green paper bag by painting with a straw, scribbling with a marker, and pasting green dotty stickers. 


Discoverers Box (approx. 19-24 months old) 

Theme: Pretty Flowers


Starter: Warm up those numeracy and literacy skills with the sorting starter activity--complete with bright, pretty, colourful flowers. 

Sensory Play: With the coloured rice sensory bin, your Little Explorer can explore tending their own "garden"--includes lots of learning opportunities for pattern recognition and a super fun watering can! 

Creative Play: Are they popsicles? Cupcakes? Or flowers? Have your little one explore their imagination and creativity with this popsicle flower-making craft activity. 


Adventurers Box (2-3 years old) 

Theme: Incy Wincy

Starter: We have here our very own card and dice game designed to train your child's numeracy -- we call it Spiders in a Web. 

Sensory Play: Set up a "spider playground" with the coloured chickpeas--your little one can even install in it a spider slide and picnic area!  

Creative Play: As your child explores the concept of a web, they will roll a web of paint with marble and make the funniest looking googly-eyed spider. 

Bloomers Box (3 years and up)

Theme: Butterfly 


Explorative: What better way for your child to learn about the dietary habits of butterflies, than to create their very own butterfly feeder?

Sensory Play: With the compartmental tray, dry pasta as chrysalis, training chopsticks and other accessories, your little Bloomer will explore the life cycle of a butterfly while fine-tuning motor skills. 

Creative Play: Another colour mixing activity to create beautiful effects on your little Bloomer's craft butterfly -- much like the bona fide ones.  

Times might seem to be getting harder and harder, but it is now more than ever to make the most out of challenges and build teamwork and morale within the family. 

We hope April's boxes keep you and your little ones inspired and engaged! 

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Hang on tight, and happy playing!