My Messy Box December Themes 2019--Sensory Play for Babies

My Messy Box December Themes 2019--Sensory Play for Babies

December is finally here but it’s no time for us at My Messy Box to slack off! We’ve lovingly designed these new themes to end the year off nicely for your child. Check them out: 

Explorers Box (approx. 12-18 months old) 
Theme: Purple House

Highlights: You’ve probably heard of Green Eggs and Ham, now what about a Purple House? Invite your baby into a purple-licious funky world where they will have a hand at developing various coordination skills with activities like scooping fruity-looking purple pom poms, making a tape resist purple house craft, as well as getting hands-on with coloured stacking blocks and even a sneaky mouse! 


Discoverers Box (approx. 19-24 months old) 
Theme: Pretty Flowers

Highlights: Yes it’s Winter in other parts of the world, but on our tropical island-city, flowers are always in season! These pretty things with their colours, symmetrical patterns and quaint sizes are perfect for engaging your baby in counting and colour coordinating activities… which is exactly what they will be doing with the popsicle flower craft, pattern lining, coloured rice watering can activities and more featured in this box! 


Adventurers Box (2-3 years old) 
Theme: I love pizza 

Highlights: “I love pizza”.... this is probably a statement you can relate to with your kids. We have given a wholesome spin to this popular indulgent food with this box full of sensory activities like taste-safe playdough pizza making and a pizza and toppings craft, which all come complete with the cutest takeaway box and pizza cutter. Learning has never been more flavourful! 


Bloomers Box (3 years and up)* 
Theme: Polar Bear 

Highlights: Brr! How do polar bears live among snow and ice? How can our hands feel varying sensations in the same location? Invite your child into the mesmerising arctic land as they learn about the science of extreme climates and its animals through experiments, crafts, and even using instant snow to build a habitat for your polar bear! 

For the purpose of streamlining our themes, we have combined the bloomers (3-4yrs) and experts (>4yrs) categories. The bloomers category will now cater to kids aged 3 years and above and have a much larger theme library!

As every box comes complete with all necessary materials and instruction sheets, this is perfect for the busy parent to try out sensory play for babies and toddlers at home.

We have also been developing digital content such as worksheets, game boards and videos that will be rolled out to subscribers in various stages (this applies to new subscribers too!). There will be no additional cost but do provide us with feedback so we can improve. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your year! 

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