My Messy Box January Themes 2020

My Messy Box January Themes 2020

January is a hectic month, it's a new year, new school for some, new work for some, and of course, preparation for the early Chinese New Year for many.

Do remember to put aside time for play! No fret if you're too busy to research and plan for a play session, that's what we are here for!

Explorers Box (approx. 12-18 months old)
Theme: The colour red

the colour red

Highlights: This was the very first theme we made for the current generation of My Messy Box themes, and we have made multiple improvements along the way. Especially for the craft, instead of 1 apple, you'll be painting many apples instead :D


Discoverers Box (approx. 19-24 months old) 
Theme: Put out the fire!

Highlights: Some of you might find this theme familiar, that's because we just ran it a few months back, but as we reshuffled our themes for the year of 2020 to align with our new framework, it's not scheduled as January's theme, so for all of you who missed this last year, now's the chance!


Adventurers Box (2-3 years old) 
Theme: All about planes

Highlights: We completely rebooted this theme and you will get to create your own suncatcher in this (Psst, it's easier than it looks!). Lots of fine-motor play here as your child tries to balance the plane on the blocks


Bloomers Box (3 years and up)
Theme: At the airport

bloomers theme airport jan 2020

This is a fun theme, first off, your child will get to make his/her own luggage box, think of all the awesome things you can carry around in this! Next we explore the concept of time, and what a way to tie it all together with the airport theme: Think about this, you're going on a holiday, so you pack your luggage (Craft activity), then you need to catch a plane, so you check the time on the air tickets (Explore activity), now you are on the plane and it's going to take off! (Sensory activity).


As every box comes complete with all necessary materials and instruction sheets, this is perfect for the busy parent to try out sensory play for babies and toddlers at home.

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