My Messy Box March Themes 2020

My Messy Box March Themes 2020

March is here,

WHICH MEANS the school holidays are coming,


it's time to stock up on activities for your child to continue learning and playing! 

Lucky for you, we have this whole range of exciting and enriching themes for our play learning boxes this month: 

Explorers Box (approx. 12-18 months old)

Theme: Yellow Sun 

Feature play: Have your kid explore rhythm and movement with yellow-coloured items such as the included tambourine and ribbon stick. Whoosh!  

Colour play: Your kid will be training fine motor skills while making a multi-modial sun art with sponge and pasta.

Sensory play: Jelly--yes, jelly--actually makes for great sensory play material. Your kid will be training various cognitive skills as they *literally* dig for different yellow items lodged in the bouncy yellow jelly. 


Discoverers Box (approx. 19-24 months old) 

Theme: Gingerbread Man


Starter: A great booster for numeracy development, your little one will first start off with a button-to-shape matching activity! 

Sensory Play: Our VIP, the Gingerbread Man, arrives on the scene as your child makes him from scratch! They will be rolling the playdough and using different cookie cutters for that added fine motor and creative development. 

Creative Play: Being our VIP, we simply can't leave Mr Gingerbread Man homeless. Your child will be making his Candy House using stickers, paint and accessories. 


Adventurers Box (2-3 years old) 

Theme: 10 Apples Up on Top 

Starter: Your Little Adventurer will be weaving the pipe cleaner caterpillar through the holes of the apple cards. Sounds a little gross to some, but definitely a great pre-writing training exercise for all Adventurers. 

Sensory Play: "Harvest" apples with the super tactile beans sensory base and extend learning with various counting activities with the toys and figurines! 

Creative Play: Going further with our knack for creative painting methods, your little one will be using corks and breaking off air dry clay to create an apple tree. Lots of learning opportunities in this activity for understanding the origin of apples too!

Bloomers Box (3 years and up)

Theme: Chicken and Egg


 Explorative: With a super cool toy egg hatching experiment, your child will be learning all about the hen's life cycle. 

Sensory Play: Next, study the habitat of chickens with a corn kernel and flower seed sensory base as well as accessories. 

Creative Play: You've heard of macaroni bracelets and shell bracelets... what about bird feeder ornaments made of bird seeds? Have your little scientist-in-the-making wrap up their zoology sensory play session with this creative craft activity. 


One thing February has taught us, is that we cannot simply depend on schools and classes to train our little ones' learning and development. Children still spend most of their time at home; levelling yourself up as a sensory play-savvy parent, although challenging, can and will bring many long-term benefits to your child. 

We understand how hard it is, and we are coming up with all sorts of content and resources to help you in this journey. Meanwhile, you can check out some free resources by clicking here.

To check out our shop and subscription plans, click here.

Hang on tight, and happy playing!