My Messy Box May Themes of the Month

My Messy Box May Themes of the Month

May is here - some of us might be getting the hang of this circuit-breaker, while others might just be feeling even more of its effects. 

Whatever the the case, the My Messy Box team is still working hard as ever to ensure families at home can continue receiving their subscription boxes even during this period. 

To bring you more at-home play-learning options, we have even produced a very special online course for parents to conduct playgroups for their little ones at home, without having to wait for deliveries, restock, or rely on teachers and classes ever again! 

Explorers Box (approx. 12-18 months old)

Theme: Blue Water

Feature play: Warm up your baby's cognitive skills using the collection of squirting toys. Let them explore the sensory qualities of the objects, and prompt them to identify the creatures. Squish-squish! 

Sensory play: It's Tactile Time with our homemade taste-safe blue playdough! Accessories include aquatic plants, pretty seashells, sea animals and marbles (parents can choose to leave them out). 

Colour play: Expand your baby's creativity with the blue splat painting activity. Paint, and canvas provided! 


Discoverers Box (approx. 19-24 months old) 

Theme: Bear Hunt


Starter: Based on the popular book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', we will first "feed the bear" with the provided spoon and trial mix. Perfect for fine motor development! 

Sensory Play: With the provided story cards, your little Discoverer will explore the different nature elements as if going on an adventure through the forest! Each scene features unique sensory learning opportunities and materials, which will prompt your child to actively create their sensory bin. 

Creative Play: Brown Bear, the star of this story, will be crafted through paint, a spikey brush, cut-outs and more. 


Adventurers Box (2-3 years old) 

Theme: Under the Deep Blue Sea

Starter: Activate your child's various cognitive components with the wooden fish peg puzzle activity


The fish stencil tracing and finger paint dotting activity. 

Sensory Play: Our jelly sensory base is back! Have your child explore the "underwater jelly" filled with hidden treasures found under the deep blue sea! 

Creative Play: With sea creature stampers, your child will create unique shapes on foil using the paint, roller and canvas! 

Bloomers Box (3 years and up)

Theme: Lorax


Starter: Based on the animation film, this is one of our most comprehensive boxes - perfect for your Blooming learner! The starter activity will have your child planting their very own plant with the provided seeds and planter bowl. 

Sensory Play: This includes a counting activity, beans sensory base, and all sorts of adorable characters you can find in the Lorax film! There's even a figurine to represent the Once-ler, prompting lessons in environmentalism. 

Creative Play: Work those fine-motor skills by crafting Truffula trees with cotton balls, straws, tape and paint. They can be used to decorate the sensory bin! 


It looks like this Circuit-breaker isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Parents, why not take this chance to challenge yourselves and level-up with sensory play skills? They will go a long way for you and your child, especially when you don't have to rely on teachers and classes ever again. You are already doing well, so keep going! 

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Hang on tight, and happy playing!