My Messy Box’s Collection of Free Resources for Parent and Child

My Messy Box’s Collection of Free Resources for Parent and Child


Did you know that behind My Messy Box, is a team of early childhood specialists and content creators who not only create sensory play subscription boxes, but free resources for the public? 

These resources are designed for parents to engage their little one’s learning, without having to rely on expensive enrichment classes or be overwhelmed by thick books on early childhood education. 

Here’s a list of free resources you can get from My Messy Box:

Sensory Play Resources: 

Instead of the usual toys and ipad, why not try out your very own simple yet creative  sensory play set-ups for your child to explore? The resources here include step-by-step video tutorials, tips and tricks you can follow to bring your child hours of fun play-learning. 

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Craft Resources: 

Crafts are great for training your child’s coordination skills and creativity, yet even the most robust Pinterest boards get a bit stale after sometime. Why not have a go at our tried and tested craft ideas? 

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Book-based Resources: 

Sometimes a book may just be a book when your child has finished it after an hour or less. But when you bring in further explorative activities to complement it, you expand your child’s learning and engagement as they discover new things about the book! This list of book-based resources contain activity ideas inspired by popular children’s books. 

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Literacy and numeracy: 14 free printables 

The header says it all. These 14 full-coloured worksheets have been designed by our teachers to let your child practise their numeracy and literacy skills on paper. We have organised them into kindergarten and nursery levels for you, and you can print and bring them out to occupy your little one while at restaurants! 

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Helping your child make sense of the pandemic

Written by Singaporean children’s book author and illustrator, Darlene Lee, To Keep Everyone Safe is an ebook you can read with your child to help them navigate changes brought about by COVID-19. 

Read about it here (ebook download link included) 

Fun@Home Home-based Complimentary Trial 

Fun@Home is My Messy Box’s answer to the fast-changing early childhood education world. With so much new research, up-and-coming education methods and changes to the way schools are being run, we want to empower parents to bring sensory play-learning to their child in simple yet effective ways. With Fun@Home, we will show step-by-step instructions on how to hold playgroups for your child - this includes video tutorials and printables! 

We have recently just uploaded new videos to the complimentary trial, so why not check it out here


Doing activities with your child might take up a bit more time than just leaving them with an ipad, but our goal is for them to reap the full maximum level of play-learning benefits and boosted development, all while you don't have to spend a bomb on enrichment classes or drown in heavy sensory play knowledge. 

Instead of one-off teaser activities with these free resources, why not go further and allow your little one reap full learning benefits? Learn more here