My Messy Box’s Complete List of Home Learning Resources

First it was Stay Home Notices and Work from Home arrangements. Then it was the closure of entertainment centres and classes. And now, even preschools are facing closure! 

Having to adapt to such everyday disruptions, especially as a young parent, is no easy feat at all. One of the biggest concerns on all parents’ minds right now is how to keep their young ones engaged and to continue learning within the home. 

Of course, one of the reasons why we have always been such huge advocates of sensory play is due to its flexibility -- you can do it with your child outdoors or indoors, and having a subscription box like ours also means you don’t even have to step out of the house to hunt for a suitable box. 

We have been working super hard to bring you more resources for home-based learning (including free ones!), so here is our full list for you to engage your child at home this quarantine season:

1. Sensory Box Subscriptions: 

These kits are delivered to families and contain materials and instructions for sensory play--a pedagogy of sensorial learning techniques. There are different themes for every month, and different categories of boxes to target specific milestones of varying age groups. 

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2. Free video how-tos for sensory play, story-book based activities and craft ideas: 

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3. Articles on play learning tips, parenting and more (with free downloadables for parents to use with their child): 

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4.  The #MMB14DAYCHALLENGE--where we post one free worksheet, everyday for 14 days: 

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