September 2020 themes of the month – My Messy Box

September 2020 themes of the month

Hope everyone's coping well as we approach the new norm of staying at home.  

Do remember that each box now also comes with MMB Access, the exclusive online an exclusive online resource for parents, designed by our specialists, to further reap benefits of each box for their child. Here's how you can access in case you have forgotten

Explorers Box (approx. 12-18 months old)

Feature play: Practise your dance moves with the tambourine and ribbon stick

Sensory play: Dig out yellow treasures from the jelly!

Colour play: Create a beautiful pasta-ray sun artpiece

Discoverers Box (approx. 19-24 months old) 

Starter: Match and sort shape buttons on the gingerbread men

Sensory Play: Make your own playdough gingerbreadman!

Creative Play: Create a beautiful gingerbread cardboard house


Adventurers Box (2-3 years old) 

Starter: Explore and learn about our feelings and emotions

Sensory Play: Make your own feelings monster using slime and coloured clay

Creative Play: Recreate the feelings monster using blow art

Bloomers Box (3 years and up)


Starter: Conduct a simple observational experiment using cottons balls and strainer

Sensory Play: Make a water cycle sensory bin with a water run toy and water beads 

Creative Play: Learn about the water cycle the creative way with this water cycle coaster


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Hang on tight, and happy playing!