This August, what's in store for your child in My Messy Box?

This August, what's in store for your child in My Messy Box?

Hey all, it's August now and everyone's talking about National day! Once the hype is over, keep the rest of August entertaining with this month's My Messy Box themes!

Explorers (12-18 months)

Theme: The colour Orange

Highlights: Our little explorers will explore a special sensory water pouch, we can get messy(not!) with the mess-free craft, and lastly, the dyed jumbo pasta would make for a great sensory experience as they are large enough for babies to manipulate with relative ease.


Discoverers (19-24 months)

Theme: Cars

Highlights: Red, yellow, green - What do these colours mean on the road? Make a cute car craft, play with coloured push lights and can you match the cars correctly in the matching activity?


Adventurers (2 - 3 years old)

Theme: Ten apples up on top

Highlights: Inspired by the whimsical story by Dr. Seuss, we will get to do lots of weaving, threading and stamping! You'll be dreaming apples at the end of the day.


Bloomers (3-4 years old)

Theme: Ice cream

Highlights: What's cold, colourful and sweet? We will get make all sorts of ice cream here, puffy ones, hard ones, even real ones (!!!)


Experts (4 years and up)

Theme: Going for an x-ray

Highlights: You never thought we could play with bones did you? Well there are actually many interesting things we can learn here! We will be making a cardboard skeleton hand, and also model and create your own little xray.


We hope you will enjoy this month's themes! We will be following up with more exciting content, stay tuned!

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