This May, what's in store for your child in My Messy Box?

This May, what's in store for your child in My Messy Box?

My Messy Box may themes

Hey all, May is here and we are looking forward to more messy and educational fun with this month's themes!

Explorers (12-18 months)

Theme: Swimming in blue

Highlights: Our little explorers will get to sort and match colourful sea creatures, there's a sensory activity involving our self-made play dough - knead, knead, knead! and lastly knock yourselves out (literally!) with the hammering craft.


Discoverers (19-24 months)

Theme: Put out the fire!

Highlights: Some of our discoverers may be learning about community helpers in schools, and one of them is the fireman! We will put on our figurative fireman hats and put out all sorts of fire. There's a mini-bowling activity, a really messy foam-fire extinguishing activity, and a lovely fire-engine craft to really bring out the fireman in your child.


Adventurers (2 - 3 years old)

Theme: Spotting ladybugs

Highlights: We personally love using ladybugs in our lesson planning, they have great colour contrasts for teaching colours, distinct spots for counting, its name can be dissected into multiple literacy topics, and by virtue of it being an insect, provides scientific learning opportunities too!

We have buttoning exercises, a garden sensory activity and a terrific 3d ladybug craft awaiting your child to get started on.


Bloomers (3-4 years old)

Theme: A bird's nest

Highlights: Bloomers get a chance to imagine themselves in the shoes of a parent bird looking to build a nest for their young. Using various materials, try to build a bird's nest which is comfortable yet provide protection. We then put it together with other materials to create a bird-house sensory bin (Cue music: Birdhouse in your soul). Lastly, they can make the impression last with a feather process art activity.


Experts (4 years and up)

Theme: Little architect

Highlights: Experts will get to try their hand at being an architect, from understanding what a blueprint is to making a mock blueprint, to creating a building sensory bin. Lastly they will get to test their spatial and fine-motor skills by trying to craft a house in 3-D


We hope you will enjoy this month's themes! The school holidays are comng soon and we will be following up with more exciting content, stay tuned!

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