This October, what's in store for you in My Messy Box sensory play box

This October, what's in store for you in My Messy Box sensory play boxes?

How's it going My Messy Boxers! October a.k.a. spooky season is here, and we're going to keep your¬†ūüĎĽspirits alive¬†ūüĎĽ¬†with these exciting new themes for our boxes this month:¬†


Explorers (12-18 months)

Theme: The colour green

Highlights: Finger painting? Too basic for us. Sponge painting? Done it a million times. For this box, we have prepared materials for your child to explore the colour green by painting with a rolling straw! The possibilities for dramatisation are also endless with these adorable frog toys. 


Discoverers (19-24 months)

Theme: Bear Hunt

Highlights: Inspired by one of our favourite books by Michael Rosen, the sensory activity will take your child on an adventure to look for a bear while going through the different nature elements. By the way, isn't the mini teddy bear just the prettiest thing? I wish I could keep one as a collectible for myself...


Adventurers (2 - 3 years old)

Theme: Monsters attack 

Highlights: When I first saw this month's Adventurers' box, I couldn't believe it had so many cool things in there. Emoji stickers and googly eyes?? 'Nuff said. The result of the craft activity is going to be so Picasso-esque (we tested it out ourselves) that you might seriously want to get your own frame to frame it up for decoration. 


Bloomers (3-4 years old)

Theme: My box of tools

Highlights: This box is bound to get your kid's curious senses tingling. With the exploration play activity, your kid will learn to match and measure a variety of tools with snapo cubes and flash cards. Soon enough they will be warming themselves up to concepts such as proportion and comparison, which are actually important for math skill development. The box even comes with a spirograph for creative play!


Experts (4 years and up)

Theme: Pirates of the high seas

Highlights: Anything is instantaneously fun when it involves water beads! Your child will be refining several cognitive skills while being super engaged in activities such as counting the number of gems it takes to sink the pirate boat in the "sea" of water beads, as well as trying to beat you at the makeshift board game we designed to satiate your child's appetite for adventure.


Once again, we hope you enjoy this month's themes! Stick around our pages as we a have a bunch of cool stuff lined up this month, like a giveaway and more snippets of this month's boxes. 

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