This September, what's in store for you in My Messy Box?

This September, what's in store for you in My Messy Box?

Hey all, it's September now and that means that some of our little ones are getting a short break! All our boxes have been sent out, hopefully you will get to play during the holidays!

Explorers (12-18 months)

Theme: The colour Yellow

My Messy Box theme: Yellow

Highlights: Our little explorers will get into the groove with the rhythmic activitiy, there's some really messy treasure-digging and our favourite goop painting!


Discoverers (19-24 months)

Theme: The Gingerbreadman

My Messy Box theme: Gingerbread man

Highlights: We actually reworked the entire theme, our little adventurers will enjoy a shape matching activity, make their own gingerbreadman using our home-made playdough, and build a gingerbread candy house together with parents!


Adventurers (2 - 3 years old)

Theme: Under construction

My Messy Box theme: Under construction

Highlights: Here's an interesting fact, 'Under construction' was 1 of the 13 themes available when My Messy Box was launched 2013, we have made lots of changes to it, but this really takes us back.


Bloomers (3-4 years old)

Theme: Cows and farms

My Messy Box theme: Cows and farms

Highlights: Photoshoots get a little more challenging as we move up the age category as many of the items become less colourful, but that doesn't mean it's any less fun.


Experts (4 years and up)

Theme: Humpty dumpty

My Messy Box theme: Humpty Dumpty

Highlights: This seems like a theme for younger children, but the activities turned out to require quite a degree of finesse, perfect for our little experts


We hope you will enjoy this month's themes! We will be following up with more exciting content, stay tuned!

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