Wuhan coronavirus in Singapore: 4 things you and your child should know

Wuhan coronavirus in Singapore: 4 things you and your child should know



It suffices to say that the Wuhan coronavirus, with its massive spread and taking of 132 lives and counting, has sent alarm bells sounding off in the heads of parents. Here are 4 things you should know about the Wuhan coronavirus in Singapore, and how to keep your child safe:  

1. Preschools and MOE kindergartens are already taking advisory measures 

The Ministry of Education has announced that students and staff who have travelled to China from 14 Jan will have to take 14 days leave of absence--this applies to preschools and MOE kindergartens. It is estimated that 500-600 staff and 1000 children might be affected by this new measure. From today onwards (29 Jan, Wednesday), these schools will also be holding daily temperature recordings to detect children who might be unwell. 

2. Home-based learning is increasing

On top of mobilizing the advisory measures, some preschools are ramping up their own precautionary measures by cancelling field trips or outdoor activities; this is as the Ministry of Health advises against being around crowded areas during this precarious time. Several parents are also considering keeping their child out of school, as being in enclosed areas amongst other children is thought to potentially pose a risk for the spread of viruses. As a result, many parents and educators are considering engaging children in home or indoor-based learning instead, such as those engineered by My Messy Box.


3. Visitation and transit from Hubei will no longer be allowed 

Earlier today, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted a press release from the Ministry of Health, announcing that from today onwards, all travellers who have been in Hubei in the past 14 days, or who carry PRC passports issued in Hubei, will not be allowed entry into, or transit through Singapore. 

4. Keep calm and practise good hygiene

Our ministers advise against spreading or consuming false information, and reminds that those infected with the Wuhan coronavirus in Singapore are Hubei citizens, and that there is no evidence of community spread amongst Singapore. 

Children may seem to have a weaker immune system, but those who have been fatally affected by the virus are reported to be mainly those who are elderly and with pre-existing illnesses. Should your child appear ill, it is best to remain calm, see a doctor and follow clinical advice--they might just be afflicted with the common flu virus that is common amongst the young ones. 

All in all, the best thing to do right now is to practise good hygiene, avoid crowded areas and avert contact with live animals and raw or undercooked meats. 

To keep your child safe indoors without compromising their learning, consider subscribing to home learning kits such as My Messy Box

For more information on good hygiene practises and how to utilise a face mask, you may visit this page

Let’s all work together to get through this critical period with our loved ones!