Farm Animals Grid Game (Little Blue Truck inspired)

This Farm Animals Grid Game is a matching activity great for working on observation, fine motor and early numeracy. The game uses a paper grid with pictures of farm animals and a DIY farm animals dice.

Do you know the nursery rhyme song ‘Old Macdonald’s Had a Farm?’ Now that we’ve said it, you probably would be humming or singing this classic nursery rhyme. Yup, definitely caught you there. Singing, playing and learning about farm animals are childhood experiences that are so close to our hearts. There’s just something about farm animals that never really gets old.


To start, you’ll need the paper grid. We designed a paper grid with pictures of farm animals which you can print straight off from the link here. You may want to laminate this so that it can be used for multiple times and not tear apart.

(insert pic of paper grid and some counters)

Next up is making the DIY farm animals dice. You’ll need a square block. This could be a foam cube or a wooden cube. Anything that is light and cube-shaped with sides of at least 3cm would work well. A cube smaller than this would make it a little hard to identify the pictures on the dice clearly.

So on each side of the cube, you’ll paste a farm animal picture. We have some here, sized according to a 3cm cube, that you can print off and cut before pasting it on your cube.

(insert pic of farm animals dice and paper grid)

And that’s all the prep needed for this activity.

To play this activity, have your child roll the dice. When the dice stops rolling, identify the farm animal picture shown. Then place counters to cover spots on the grid with that farm animal. For example, the dice shows a horse. So, place counters on the grid to cover spots with the horse picture. Repeat, until the entire grid gets covered. Some items that you can use as counters are pasta pieces, pom pom balls, scrunched up pieces of paper scraps etc.

You can also play this game with your child. Just print a second set of the grid and take turns rolling the dice to see who can cover their entire grid first. We’ve also made different grid sets to make things more interesting. You can print them off he.


To download printables for this activity, click here.