Muddy Playdough Activity (Little Blue Truck inspired)

This Muddy Playdough activity is a fine-motor activity designed to facilitate the use of the pincer grip or a tweezer. The activity features a muddy playdough and some truck cut outs. Both are sure to be a hit with your child!

Playdough is fun, for sure. You could probably settle with some random playdough and let your kid have some fun with it. But what’s better than a random playdough? A chocolatey muddy playdough! Not only does this wicked playdough smell divine, it’s also gonna have your kid hooked to this activity. Throw in some trucks to the mix and boom, you’ve got one amazing play activity for your kid.


We’re first going to get our hands straight to the chocolatey goodness by making the muddy playdough. To make the playdough, mix flour, salt, cocoa powder and cream of tartar together in a pot. Turn the stove on to medium low heat, and add water and oil to the mix, Keep stirring until the mixture starts to form into a dough. Switch off the stove and continue stirring until the dough forms up. Transfer the dough to a tray to cool. Before it cools completely, give the dough a good kneading and then you’re done! One muddy playdough ready to serve hehe.

(insert playdough pic)

(insert pic of playdough and truck cut outs)

The only thing left to do now is to get your trucks ready. You can print and cut them from this printable here (insert download link). Or you could use toy trucks or vehicles that your child already has at home. Either way works for this activity.

And we’re ready to play. Whee!

The set-up easy. Lay out the playdough like how we’ve done it in the picture below. Stick your trucks in and have your child pull them out from the ‘muddy playdough’. Using the truck cut-outs gives your child the opportunity to use a tweezer or a peg to pull them out from the muddy playdough puddle. If you happen to be using toy trucks for this, encourage pulling out the trucks from the muddy playdough by only using the thumb and index finger.

(insert pic of playdough set-up)

For more learning fun, you could also get your child to pull the truck cut outs by colour, number or letter. We have purposely left the truck pictures blank so that you can write in whatever number or letter you wish to work on with your child. To make it more friendly for multiple uses, laminate the truck cut outs and write on them using a whiteboard marker. Then when you’re done, simply wipe them down and you can use them again for another round of play.


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