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Under Construction Premium Multi-sensory Kit

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 These premium sensory kits contain not one, not two, but THREE sensory bases, designed to: 

- Allow your little one to expand their creativity to the fullest by exploring endless possibilities 

- Be re-used over and over for any kind of future play or learning purposes 

- Inspire your child to maximise their learning and curiosity with all things related to the theme of unicorns

and more! 

Suitable for kids 3 & above


Each set contains: 

1. Dyed chick peas

2. 'Cement' playdough

3. Black coloured sand

4. Construction tools toy set 

5. Plastic fork and knife

6. Construction vehicles 

7. Building blocks

8. Booklet filled with suggested activities 

9. Road signs

10. Push lights

11. Construction worker and wheelbarrow toy