My Messy Box Bloomers (3-4 years)
My Messy Box Bloomers (3-4 years)

My Messy Box Bloomers (3-4 years)

Combining learning and playing for young children

The benefits of sensory play for young children have been covered extensively by multiple media outlets and bodies, but why aren't more parents creating sensory play for their children?

It could be because the process of idea creation, sourcing of many materials, preparation of learning objectives and resources, physical setup of play plus the cleaning up process could take hours!

This isn't easy to fit into the busy schedule of a parent, plus, to maximise the benefits of sensory play for your child, the setup and prompts during play should be deliberate to stimulate learning, this can be tricky to plan. So we've taken care of all the tough parts for you! (And made it fun and beautiful)

The My Messy Box programme is:

  • Age-appropriate for all ages between 1 - 5 years old
  • Planned and designed in house by early childhood educators
  • Filled with fun sensory and craft activities with full-colour instructions
  • Packed with all the materials required for the activities
  • Calibrated to develop a wide array of skillsets for your child

This link allows you to purchase specific single themes, to enjoy the benefits of the full programme and as well as substantial savings, you can consider subscribing instead!

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