Fun@Home Home-Based Playgroup Complimentary Trial

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Hi there, parent.

Do you have an active little one at home?

Are you running out of ideas to keep them engaged in play and learning

Do you experience stress from constantly having to budget and wait for your play-learning product orders to arrive?

Parents, you truly go through a lot to bring the best for your child. Don't be too hard on yourselves! 

Experts say that the best gift you can give your child, is to be there for them

By levelling yourself up with sensory play skills, you not only never have to rely on market products ever again, you can give your child what they truly want the most. 

The good news is, you don't have to do it alone! Our early childhood specialists have created this Fun@Home course to provide step-by-step guides, including worksheets and video resources, to make your learning as easy and as simple as possible. 

This extended circuit-breaker, enjoy this Complimentary trial lesson on us. It is pegged for 1.5 - 4 years old and each lesson consists of at least 3 activities (plus bonus challenges!)

If this works for you, you can purchase the full course consisting of 12 additional lessons! 

After purchase, head over to 'Sensory Academy' in the Main Menu to access the course.

In order to fully benefit from the programme, we recommend the following equipment:

1) Colour printer

2) Laminating machine (Optional)

Once you have purchased the product, click here to find out how to access it.