How it works

My Messy Box offers a wide range of sensory play products and services including


     My Messy Box is designed to be fun, simple and educational. We are continually developing new themes so you can always find something new for your child from 1 through 6+ years old. Experience the wonders of messy-sensory play through a range of 3-4 activities in each box, and witness the rapid improvement in your child's cognitive development.
    Each My Messy Box sensory kit is designed with an age range in mind, this is important as the activities are designed to be age-appropriate. When you purchase My Messy Box, you are not receiving a box filled with random items, each theme is meticulously customised and put together by our own educators.

    How My Messy Box works:

    1. Parent/facilitator purchases a My Messy Box sensory kit
    2. We will send the kit complete with all required materials
    3. For most kits, we have created instructional videos that are easy to follow through
    4. Or you can follow the printed instructions included in the kit
    5. Enjoy all the fun activities prepared for you by My Messy Box!
    6. Look for more themes on our store!