How it works – My Messy Box

How it works

With effect from 1st Jan 2021, My Messy Box themes will be released in Collections. Each collection features 4 unique themes.

Collection 1 (The Classics) will be available from Jan 2021
Collection 2 (*to be revealed*) will be available from May 2021
Collection 3 (*to be revealed*) will be available from Sept 2021
You can make your purchase anytime, we will send the first box of the collection to you within 3 working days and subsequent boxes in the first week of subsequent months.
ie; Collection 1 (The Classics) was released in Jan 2021, if you purchase on 10th Feb, we will send Box 1 within 3 working days, Box 2 will be sent out during the first week of March, Box 3 in April and Box 4 in May.
My Messy Box is designed to be fun, simple and educational. We are continually developing new themes so your child will never get a repeated box from 1 through 6+ years old. Experience the wonders of messy-sensory play through a range of 3-4 activities in each box, and witness the rapid improvement in your child's cognitive development.

When you subscribe to a My Messy Box plan, you will be prompted to select the appropriate age category, this is important as the activities are designed to be age-appropriate. When you subscribe to My Messy Box, you are not receiving a box filled with random items, each theme is meticulously customised and put together by our own educators.

How It works

  1. Parent/facilitator purchases a 4-month subscription plan on the My Messy Box website
  2. Each month, we will send a box containing 3 - 4 activities to your child.
  3. In each box you will find all the materials needed along with full coloured instruction sheets
  4. Simply follow the instruction sheets to prepare the activity for your child
  5. Enjoy all the fun activities prepared for you by My Messy Box!
  6. Look forward to next month's box