How it works – My Messy Box

How it works

How It works

My Messy Box is a monthly sensory play subscription that works like this:


  1. Parent/facilitator subscribes to a plan on the My Messy Box website
  2. Each month, we will send a box containing 3 - 4 activities to your child.
  3. Login to MMB Access to prepare some warm-up activities for your child while waiting for your box to be delivered
  4. In each box you will find all the materials needed along with full coloured instruction sheets
  5. Simply follow the instruction sheets or instructional videos (MMB Access) to prepare the activity for your child
  6. Enjoy all the fun activities prepared for you by My Messy Box!
  7. Login to MMB Access again to download and print extended activities for your child


    My Messy Box is designed to be fun, simple and educational. There is a different box for every age group, your child will never get a repeated box from 1 through 5 years old. Experience the wonders of messy-sensory play through a range of 3-4 activities in each box, and witness the rapid improvement in your child's cognitive development.

    When you subscribe to a My Messy Box plan, you will be prompted to select the appropriate age category, this is important as the activities are designed to be age-appropriate. When you subscribe to My Messy Box, you are not receiving a box filled with random items, each theme is meticulously customised and put together by our own educators.

    EXPLORERS (12 - 18 MONTHS)

    theme images for explorer sensory kits
    Babies 12 - 18 months have a tendency to put everything they touch into their mouths (It's the natural way to decide whether something is safe). Therefore, the items we include in the explorer boxes are relatively larger in size so it's easy to grip and harder to put into their little mouths.

    During the Explorers stage, we explore a different colour every month, your child will get to experience various forms of craft and sensory setups. And once he/she turns 18 months, he/she will be join all our other discoverers to explore the exciting themes under the Discoverer range.



    examples of discoverers sensory kits
    As your child grows into a toddler, he/she may get intrigued by fairy tales or popular children books. The Discoverers range introduces themes related to popular stories (ie; Bear Hunt, The Gingerbread Man) and common objects that are easy for your child to relate to.

    As your child approached 2 years old, we will elevate the range of concepts explored further with the Adventurers range.



    At 25 months, your child's curiousity knows no bounds, all the themes in the Adventurers range are filled with colours, shapes and creative activities. 
    Try making art using non-conventional tools, dig into unique sensory bases. Get exposed to basic numeracy and literacy. And once your child turns 3, we will introduce a new type of activity in the Bloomers range.



    At 3 years old, some of your children may have started pre-school, the Bloomers range will introduce a new type of activity: Exploration play, this is a combination of simple science experiments and/or observations. It is specially designed to pique a child's curiousity and develop an intrinsic desire to learn.
    With 24 themes in the Bloomers range alone and more being developed, we have enough content to accompany your child throughout his/her preschool years, and through our boxes, you as a parent will be empowered to facilitate and stay up to date on your child's progress. Do not hesitate to act for your child's learning benefits, click the button below to see how you can subscribe to My Messy Box