About us


Our Story

My Messy Box was founded in 2013 by Jeff, father to 2 adorable young children. When his son turned 2, Jeff noticed that he lacked focus during activities, and also had problems gripping small objects. It discouraged him from exploring and learning to his full potential.


Like any parent would, he started looking for solutions that can improve his situation. After trying many solutions with varying results, Jeff found the crucial cog missing in many young children's learning - Sensory Play. It is simple and effective, yet sorely lacking in many pre-school's curriculum.


Thus, the birth of My Messy Box

First, he identified key educational/development qualities My Messy Box will feature:

  1. Accelerate Your Child’s Cognitive Development
  2. Customised To Fit Local Education Curriculum
  3. Designed By Early Childhood Certified Teachers
  4. Develop An Intrinsic Motivation To Learn
  5. Enhance Coordination, Knowledge And Problem-Solving Skills

Next, he added full-time early childhood certified teachers to the team to bring his ideas to life. Through continuous research, development and testing, My Messy Box was born and is continually being refined to this moment. Using My Messy Box, Jeff’s son became more focused and benefited greatly in his learning journey. This improvement allowed him to fulfil his potential, and overcome various learning difficulties. 


Fueled by the success he enjoyed with his children, My Messy Box has since helped hundreds of children accelerate their progression and mental growth. Jeff’s goal is to introduce the wonders of My Messy Box to as many children as possible, so more can benefit from the wonders of messy-sensory play.