Rent a Messy Box

Having some friends over, or just looking for a one-time sensory play session? Why not rent a messy box?

What's the difference between renting and buying a messy box sensory kit?

When you rent, we will collect the toys and sensory play accessories such as trays and scoops after the rental period. You can still keep the sensory base.


Pros of renting:

- You still get to keep the sensory base

- Cheaper

- No need to store toys that you don't need after play

- We will send you better sensory play trays and tubs instead of disposable ones.

- You don't get to keep the toys and play accessories after the rental period.


How do I rent?

It's easy, just whatsapp us at 84200200. 

Let us know the themes you want to rent, The rental cost will be 60% of retail price. Rental period is up to 3 days. Minimum order is $50.


A Sensory Kit costs $30 to buy, if you choose to rent, it'll cost just $18. You can choose other themes to rent to make up the $50 minimum order. So if you choose 3 themes that cost $30 to buy. The rental fees will be 3 x $18 = $54.