The Ultimate List of Activities For Families while We Go into Phase 1


Circuit breaker measures have been in place in Singapore for almost two months now, and most of us have been staying home. It might have taken some getting used to as people eased into the norm of working from home (WFH) while many parents try to cope with home-based learning (HBL) for their kids too.

The good news is, we are now going into Phase 1 and easing out of the Circuit-breaker. But this definitely does not mean that families can or should go out immediately, and it CERTAINLY does not mean that you and your child should stop having fun and learning at home! Don't forget that we can go back to enhanced measure at ANY TIME, so it's important to get the hang of a "new normal" with the way we approach play-learning with our kids at home. 

The team at My Messy Box has put together a comprehensive list of at-home activities for you and your child to stay entertained and chase boredom away thanks to the advances of modern technology as we approach Phase 1. 



  • My Messy Box’s Fun @ Home Home-Based Playgroup

Ever wondered how to effectively engage your little one in fun and learning? Save on exorbitant fees charged by enrichment centres! For less than 5% of the cost of a 12-lesson term at enrichment centres, gain access to all the lesson plans and resources you need for an engaging session!

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Oh no! Got yet another Zoom meeting with your boss, but your kid’s wailing in the corner demanding for your attention. Not sure what to do or where to go? Surely, most parents will find this sticky situation all too familiar during this Circuit Breaker, having to divide time between WFH and kid duties. Fret not, you can always count on children’s programmes and gadget screens. Excessive screen time isn’t optimal, but when done in moderation, it’s a necessary evil to give you some much-needed breathing space to focus on other matters. Here are 5 educational Netflix shows for kids that you can leave on at home.



  • VeggieTales in The House

  • Dora the Explorer

  • PeppaPig

  • The Magic School Bus Rides Again

  • Little Baby Bum: Nursery Rhyme Friends



  • Coolest Hand Wash Guide - To keep the crisis situation light, the Health Promotion Board Singapore (HPB) has launched a rap song to help children ward off infections amid a rise in Covid-19 cases. It teaches them to wash their hands thoroughly and to keep their belongings clean. Now everybody go ‘Rinse and wash and dry, rinse and wash and dry’!

  • “Wishy Washy Clean” Song - As for younger children, chances are that would be more likely to be open to handwashing habits if you make them fun. Hence, you might want to try getting your child to wash his/her hands to this jingle that’s playfully sung to the catchy rhythm of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.


Looking for more ways to keep your children active or things you can do during the Circuit Breaker or simply needing a break from WFH and HBL arrangements? Check out the following platforms for a ton of kid-friendly workouts! (And the best part, did I mention they’re free too?)



  • ActiveSG Circle Platform – The ActiveSG Circle Platform aims to take you on a health, wellness and sporting journey that extends beyond physical gyms, studios and sports facilities.

  • People’s Association - Local community clubs have launched a new initiative called PAssion Live with virtual courses that include fitness classes as well as a wide variety of other hobbies. Click here for a sampling of courses, or visit the Facebook page of your local Community Club for their daily schedule.

  • The Yard - One of Singapore’s leading spots for kids’ gymnastics, has launched over 300 FREE activity videos (including popular classes like Ninja Tots and Trampoline), and is also conducting live Zoom classes for toddlers and big kids!

  • Just Dance – A game compatible with a variety of video game platforms, challenges you to mimic dance moves on screen set to current popular music (my daughter is a big fan of the pandas that dance to Lizzo). You can track your movements with a camera or your phone, and receive points based on how accurately you mimic what’s on screen. The dances are HARD and you will be out of breath after a few minutes, but they’re also super fun to do alongside your kids.

  • Couch2 to 5k - Always wanted to run a 5k race but never had the motivation to get moving? There’s no time like a lockdown to change your mojo, mama! This free, no-frills app is nonetheless a game-changer for anyone who wants to start running; over the course of eight weeks you’ll go from walking and intervals to a consistent running pace. The training program requires just three workouts per week, at 30-40 minutes each. Here’s hoping we’ll have some races to run later this year!



  • My Messy Box’s Art Supply Booster Pack – In line with the Safe Re-opening measures implemented after Circuit Breaker, the temporary closure of all POPULAR bookstores be extended until further notice. This has definitely rained down hard on many families but don’t worry, you may get some reinforcements for your child’s craft projects through two artsyfartsy options that we’re currently offering!

Chuck those screens aside and keep your little ones busy during this period with our themed sensory kits!


 So stay home, stay safe and stay curious to strengthen the bond with your little ones!