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  • model made using interlox
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Guide Craft

GuideCraft Interlox 96 pcs

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Provide children 2 and up with colorful, translucent pieces that easily connect to form intricate builds. Set comes with 96 square-shaped pieces and build inspiration.


Build, design and create with Interlox! No hardware or tools necessary; simply clip the edges together to create an unlimited array of constructions: buildings, people, robots, animals and more. Explore symmetry versus asymmetry, discover color combinations, and strengthens design, structure, and balance skills. Plastic translucent panels feature inset shape details in five beautiful colors. Ages 2+.


  • Open-ended interlocking construction toy
  • Set includes 96 pieces
  • Five vibrant colors
  • Notched edges fit together securely
  • Translucent panels feature embossed geometrical shapes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Educational Focus: Explore symmetry, strengthen design, structure, and balance skills
  • Suggested Age: 2+