The 'Going Places' Collection (3 - 6+ years old) – My Messy Box

The 'Going Places' Collection (3 - 6+ years old)

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Introducing My Messy Box: The 'Going Places' Collections, this collection features 4 adventure-related themes and is suitable for Preschoolers aged 3 - 6+ years old.

This collection consists of the following:

4 x My Messy Box (1 box / month):

Each box contains 3 - 4 activities, complete with instructions and additional resources

Box 1: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Box 2: On the way to Grandma's House

Box 3: Sailing on the High Seas 

Box 4: A trip to the circus

a trip to the circus


 Note: The age categories serve as a guideline, if your child's age is in between categories, it's up to you to decide whether to go for a lower or higher age category depending on your child's milestones, there is no right or wrong.


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