Little red riding hood puppet set
Red Riding Hood Finger Puppet Set

Red Riding Hood Finger Puppet Set

Bring the classic fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" to life with the all-new Finger Puppet Set!

A great literacy activity: Unleash your child's creativity by creating dialogue with the 8 dialogue cards

Immersive story-telling experience: Story-telling is no longer restricted by words with the included background cards which you can mount onto the box

Anytime, anywhere: All items fit into a nice metal box so you can carry it around!

For all ages: Can be used by parents to tell stories to babies, by preschoolers to tell stories to parents and friends, by toddlers to explore the concept of storytelling!

Endless possibilities: Beyond the story of "Little Red Riding Hood", feel free to give the characters different names, background and enact your own story!

Each set contains:

- 8 dialogue cards

- 3 scenery cards

- 4 themed finger puppets

- Metal box (Also serves as backdrop for mounting the scenery cards)


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