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Sensory Play Subscription

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You can subscribe to My Messy Box on this page, we will deliver a box to you on the 2nd week of each month. Click here to find out what the themes of the month are, orders received after the 15th of each month may begin from the following month subject to stock availability, we will advise on this within 2 working days after you place your order

1: Key in your child's birthdate so we can advance him/her when he/she crosses the age milestone, ie; cross over to discoverers from explorers at 19 months. If you'd like to move up or down the age categories, do indicate in the remarks, we will get in touch to confirm with you on this.


2: Select the length of subscription, the longer you subscribe, the cheaper the per box rate will be. We will get in touch with you to verify if your child's birthdate is out of the age category you selected (No worries, the order will still be processed and fulfilled, we just want to make sure that it's not a typo during the subscription process!)


For the quickest response regarding your subscription, you can PM us on facebook, there should be a 'Message Us' button at the lower left corner of your screen, or whatsapp us at 84200200 (Office hours only)


How our subscription plan works: 

$42 is the price for a single box, we strongly recommend a minimum of 3 month's subscription if you'd like to try out the box as kids do take some time to warm up to new play ideas, plus, the 3 months' subscription, it is $114, meaning the per box rate is only $38. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the per box rate!


Shipping: Preferential shipping rates for subscribers in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea and Germany. You can view shipping rates during checkout