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Space Adventures Sensory Kit

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Space adventures is the latest addition to our range of standalone sensory kits.

It is fun and fuss-free, and has the following advantages:

  • Contains everything you need for a single sensory play session
  • Toys can be kept and reused in future play sessions
  • Colourful and tactile - keeps your little one engaged for lengthy periods!
  • Comes with an eco-friendly compostable tray

Suitable for age: 3-6+ years


  • Black coloured holland barley beans 350g (Space)
  • Space-themed eraser toys
  • Rubber bouncy balls x 3 (Planets)
  • Glow-in-the-dark stars x 3
  • Glow-in-the-dark pebbles x 6
  • Scooper
  • Test-tube shaped container
  • Compostable tray


What are Sensory Kits?

Little kids are natural explorers and purpose-built toys tend to be too restrictive with standardised playing instructions. Sensory play allows kids to scoops, squeeze, pour, observe, touch, sniff and feel as means of exploring and learning. That is why they always look  focused when engaged in sensory play - they are learning during play!

Our sensory kits are specially prepared for parents to engage their kids from the get-go, just open the package and toss everything into the tray, bam you're ready to go.


How can I get involved in my kid's sensory play?

Take on the role of a facilitator instead of an instructor. Lay some ground rules for safety, ie; Don't put these into your mouth, keep the mess within this boundary .


Instead of telling your child what to do, allow him/her to take the lead during play. Observe what they do and respond to it, if he/she picks up the scooper and scoop the beans; ask questions like "Do you know what beans these are?", "Are these big or small? Hard or soft?", "Can you describe what these beans feel like?"



Keep your child's hands dry as much as possible during play, store the beans in an airtight container after play. As we do not use any preservatives in the colouring process, all our beans and dough are taste-safe. That also means they do not have a long shelf life, toss them after a few play sessions or if it started to feel icky to the touch. For a last hurrah, you can consider freezing the beans before the final play session.