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Themed Sensory Kits

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Chuck those screens aside and keep your little ones busy during outings with these mobile sensory kits!

Provokes imagination: Set up a small world play in less than a minute!

Colourful and engaging: With great colour contrast and engaging toys, keep your little ones engaged for hours!

Anytime, anywhere: All items fit into a reusable ziploc bag so you can take it anywhere. Just bring a tub/tray along to play in!

For all ages: Most sensory bases are dyed with edible ingredients and are taste safe*

Endless possibilities: All the items are loosely tied to a theme so feel free to think up your own theme! Each set also comes with a scooper, and a explainer card containing suggested activities

Each set contains:

- Sensory base

- Themed toy(s)

- Themed decorative accessories

- Scooper

- Explainer card with suggested activities

- Reusable ziploc bag


*Food-based products like rice, beans, pasta etc. Non food-based items like slime are not taste-safe