My Messy Box Sensory Play Kits for kids aged 1 to 6 years old
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    take me there!
take me there!

Promo: 50% off Coloured Rice

We offer a range of sensory kits with new themes introduced every other week!

The Sensory play channel (youtube)

Sensory Play Accessories

Sensory bases, tools and everything you need for a wonderful sensory play experience

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Sensory Kits (1 - 2+ years old)

Coming soon! E.T.A 9th August 2021

Sensory Kits (2 - 3+ years old)

Specially designed to hone your child's fine-motor skills and develop early learning skills

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Sensory Kits (3 - 6+ years old)

With multiple textures and diverse themes, these sensory kits are great for developing your child's imagination and creativity

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